Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is Grey Here To Stay?

From the lightest black to the darkest white, the color grey is anything but boring!  Right now, grey is growing increasingly popular in the world of interior design.  So much so that it is starting to upstage fellow neutral colors like brown, beige, and ivory.  While deep colors like navy and maroon are starting to trend, they do not offer the same ease and ability to blend that gray does.

Grey is still in, but does it have the staying power?  We think so!  Check out these reasons why the color grey is the perfect neutral for your home:

Harmonizes with Any Color:  Because grey is a simple mixture of black and white, it is void of any color.  While this may sound boring, it is the reason grey is the perfect color for a new couch or flooring.  By adding pops of color, you can make any room simple or elaborate with the help of a grey base/background.  For example, a grey colored couch gives the opportunity for brightly colored accents!  Spice up the room with bold orange pillows and red lampshades. 

Neutral Palette with an Edge:  Grey has the opportunity to change the mood of a room from warm and relaxing to calm and cooling.  While some people think the color grey is depressing, it is moving beyond other neutrals with its stylish flexibility.  Grey is modern and edgy yet timeless and classic showing that not all neutrals are stuffy!

Perfect for Any Room:  Grey truly is the essential neutral for any home because of its ability to harmonize with a range of colors and styles.  It is the color to suit any room, any mood, and any setting for any taste!  Whether you’re decorating modern or traditional, living room or bedroom, grey truly is the perfect neutral for any style.  For example, choosing a lovely grey carpet will go with any wood finish in your home!

While grey isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, you should make a decision based on your lifestyle and personal taste.  At Victor Furniture, we offer an incredible selection of products based on your needs.  From bedroom and living room to dining and kitchen, we have flooring and furniture available in a range of color, fabric, finish, and styles.  Whether or not you decide grey is the right color for you, let Victor Furniture furnish your home! Visit our website at for a list of products we have to offer from name brand manufacturers.

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