Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Market Trends

Victor Furniture has been placing orders and getting new fabrics, styles, colors in furniture and flooring based on what was shown and trending at Market. With their abundance of experience and professional eye for design, they were able to gain even more knowledge on what’s trending in home furnishings.

With home design styles constantly changing, we are proud to announce some trending styles for summer 2015.  Get out of your interior design slump this summer with the latest d├ęcor looks for your space.  Although there are quite a few trends, here are some of the latest and greatest home furnishing innovations for your home:

Gold Metallic:  Gold Metallic is back and here to stay!  Gold brings a warm richness to any room and metallic brings a modern charm not seen in recent years.  While many people opt to accessorize with small metallic items, furniture is starting to trend.  In order to make a big impact, incorporate gold metallic into your furnishings.  From a new dining room table to a renovated couch, consider the benefits of incorporating gold metallic.  The eye is immediately drawn to gold, making it the perfect statement piece.

Chinoiserie:  Chinoiserie is a reflection of Chinese style on home furnishings.  It is a mixture of eastern and western stylistic elements for decoration.  From chairs and tables to chests and armoires, you can find a truly unique piece that will enhance the appearance of any room!

Exotic Woods:  Earthly materials like wood and stone offer a very natural feel that is attractive to many homeowners.  A great way to enhance the value of your home is through interior furnishings crafted from exotic woods like sycamore, rosewood, yew, chestnut and more.  Exotic wood materials are ideal for office furniture, desks, chairs, bookcases and shelves.

Color Flooring:  For carpet, wood, vinyl and floor tiles, colored and patterned flooring is making a comeback.  If you’re looking for style that will bring new life to your home, consider how a vibrant colored hardwood or eclectic patterned carpet might look.  While this can be considered a bold move in the interior design industry, it typically pays off in personal style and flair! 

At Victor Furniture, we offer carefully selected home furnishings to meet your design needs.  With high quality flooring and furniture options, we offer products from the industry’s best manufacturers. 

We are constantly exploring the market for the best trends in style, color, construction, and more.  To learn more about the products we have to offer, visit us online.